Siemens HMI repair

Is your HMI defective and you want to have electronic repairs carried out? We specialize in repairing defective electronics and can do it quickly and professionally. In case of a malfunction, outdated equipment often poses a challenge. Buying a new HMI is often not so simple. It is also more sustainable to repair defective industrial equipment than to replace it.

Siemens parts are often well repairable. Our HMI service and Siemens maintenance services help you further.

Repair process

At CirEle, the HMI goes through our proven repair process:

  1. The HMI will be cleaned,
  2. The defect will be analysed,
  3. Time-sensitive components are replaced preventively,
  4. The repair will be made,
  5. HMI will be functionally tested.

No fix, no fee

We stand behind our expertise and offer a “No repair, no fee” policy. If we are unable to repair your industrial electronic module, no charge will be made for our services.

You will receive a 2-year warranty on the repaired HMI.

Siemens HMI categories

Siemens Basic panel
Siemens Comfort panel
Siemens Operator panel
Siemens Mobile panel
Siemens Multi panel
Siemens Touch panel

Siemens Series

Siemens KTP400
Siemens KTP600
Siemens KTP700
Siemens TP 700 comfort
Siemens TP900 comfort
Siemens TP1200 comfort
Siemens TP1500 comfort
Siemens TP1900 comfort
Siemens TP177a
Siemens TP177b
Siemens OP 7
Siemens Simatic

Article series

All article numbers starting with the following characters can be repaired:

Common defects

Our HMI repair services can solve the following problems:

  • Replacing a broken housing
  • Repairing a non-responsive touchscreen
  • Touch screen repair or replacement
  • Replacement of the LCD screen or display
  • Display repair
  • Damaged protective film
  • Broken membrane keypad
  • Power supply repair
  • PCB repair
  • Software backup
  • Software does not start
  • Defective communication ports: LAN, Profibus, MPI, serial, and CAN
  • We can backup your software if needed
  • Component replacement on the PCB
  • Cracked screen repair
  • Motherboard repair
  • Lcd repair
  • Touch screen calibration
  • Touch glass replacement
  • Backlight repair

Problems with HMI

Cirele has the specialized knowledge to perform many HMI screen repairs, including touchscreen repair and PLC repair. HMI units, also known as operator interface terminals, are used in a wide range of applications, such as operating machines in production, etc. The HMI unit is therefore an essential part of your machine and the HMI screen is one of the most susceptible parts to wear and damage. Industrial touchscreens like the HMI panel often have touchscreen displays, also known as control panels, and sometimes these touch panels require software updates. It is important to mention that the HMI firmware is essential for the proper functioning of the HMI display and that the touchscreen often causes problems in many HMI panels. So if you are looking for electronic repair of touch displays, touch panels, or display screens, please contact Cirele, the specialist in HMI repairs.


If you do not have a backup of your HMI software, your Touch panel may not function properly. The HMI display, for example, may no longer respond. It is therefore important to perform preventive maintenance to avoid such problems. Cirele can also re[air your siemens plc and make a backup from the software if needed

Communication Ports

After intensive use, it may happen that the communication ports do not function properly. Depending on the model, these ports may include: RS232, RS422, RS485, LAN, SD, and USB.

To ensure that you can use the HMI properly again, all ports are tested and, if necessary, replaced, so that you are assured of properly functioning ports.


On the PCB, also known as the circuit board, short circuits can occur due to aging and pollution. In addition, components that are subject to wear can break and cause the HMI to stop functioning. In our Siemens HMI repair, these problems are solved, so your HMI is back in top shape.

Siemens HMI and Touchscreen Repairs: Cirele, Your Repair Partner in Europe

Are you looking for a reliable service for your Siemens HMI repair in Europe? Or do you have problems with a defective touchscreen? Look no further! Our experienced Siemens service technicians specialize in repairing and maintaining HMI panels, touchscreen displays, and electronics, getting your equipment quickly and efficiently back in top condition.

Touchscreen Drivers and Control Panel Repairs

A common problem with HMI systems is a defective touchscreen or a malfunction in the control panel. Our technicians are skilled in diagnosing and resolving issues with touchscreen drivers and touchscreens, restoring the functionality of your system.

Siemens Repair and Maintenance

As a Siemens specialist, we offer comprehensive Siemens repair and maintenance services. From screen repair to circuit board repair, our team uses original parts and advanced techniques for reliable repair.

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Located nearby, we are quickly available for Siemens HMI maintenance and repair. Contact Cirele for Siemens Europe repair for fast and efficient service. call our Siemens repair hotline at +31 513 201 218

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We are your one-stop-shop for all your electronics repair needs. From repairing LCD screens to monitor repair, our team is ready to assist you.

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